03.09.23 – Online Tutorial – Introduction to the methods and tools of microstructural analysis

Section 1: Introduction to the methods and tools of microstructural analysis

It is well known that the microstructure, i.e., the micro- and nanoscale structures and the defects that occur, determine the properties of a material. Therefore, the main focus for all manufacturers and processors is on the control and quality control of the microstructure formation of a material within ever tighter tolerance limits. Quantitative microstructural analysis is indispensable as a control tool for this.
The tutorial begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of digital image analysis and microstructure quantification and new developments in metallographic microstructure contrasting for optical microscopy applications. This is followed by a general overview of different imaging techniques from light microscopy to electron microscopy and atom probes. Another focus is on tomographic techniques for complete microstructure description. All topics are illustrated with application examples.

Section 2: Modern methods and tools of holistic and AI-based microstructure analysis

Based on the contents of the tutorial ” Introduction to the methods and tools of microstructural analysis”, the focus of the tutorial is on correlative microscopy approaches for cross-scale microstructural analysis. After an overview of existing segmentation methods, the second focus is on the possibilities of microstructure evaluation using machine learning methods. The tutorial is rounded off with best practice examples.

The Tutorial ist devided into two sections:

Section 1: 13:00 – 15:00
Section 2: 15:30 – 18:00

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